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Build Like Pro. – Alain Makaba

Build Like Pro.

1. Start with a Strategy
2. Choose a Domain and Platform for Your Ecommerce Website
3. Decide on Pricing and Set Up Payments
4. Design Your Store and Add Products

All the WordPress themes that we have here have had a vast team of professional designers sketching, working and executing the ultimate visual look for it. With such a wide range of choices at hand, we strongly advise you to stick to the WordPress Theme that is based on your business’ or a closely related field.

1. Start with a Strategy

To ensure success while building an ecommerce website, start with gathering original contents ( required information to build your website). For example, your email, social media networks, contacts, description about your business, type of products, …

2. Choose a Domain and Platform for Your Ecommerce Website

A recognizable brand that belongs to you, e.g. mystore.com
A professional email address linked to your domain where people can contact you
Search engine optimization (SEO) benefits

3. Decide on Pricing and Set Up Payments

There are many factors to consider when pricing your products for sale online including:
The cost of materials per item
Ecommerce web hosting
Fees and percentage per sale deductions from various organizations, including PayPal, credit cards, etc.
Flexible pricing, like pay-what-you-wish

4. Design Your Store and Add Products

When building an ecommerce site, be sure to include your:
Photograph: People like dealing with real people
Store name: How people will call you on internet ( your brand name)
Logo: For branding and recognition
Trustmarks and payment logos: These help people feel comfortable shopping with you

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