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Facebook Pixel – Alain Makaba

Facebook Pixel

Hello! – So you have just come a conclusion to change your account or transfer your Facebook Pixel.

Your question is how to transfer a Facebook pixel to another account?

Step 1 – Create Business Account

Create (or if it is someone else’s account get the owner to do this) a business account by going to business.facebook.com

Step 2 – Claim the ad account

Having created a business account, claim the ad account and other assets such as pages.

Step 3 – Select the pixel you want to share

Inside the business account (of the sending ad account), select ‘data sources‘ from the menu, then select ‘pixels‘ and select the specific pixel you want to share.

Step 4 – Assign pixel to new owner

Next, select ‘assign partner’ and choose editor from the options and then enter the BUSINESS ACCOUNT ID of the owner of the ad account that you want to share the pixel to.

Step 5 – Assign pixel to the new ad account

The business account owner of the person that owns the new ad account on which the pixel is going to be used, should now see the shared pixel in their business manager account, which they can select from data sources/pixels. They (the receiving ad account owner) can then select ‘ad accounts‘ from the pixel’s sub menu, and then ‘Assign ad accounts‘ and they should then be able to select the receiving ad account and assign the pixel code to it.


There are also guidance notes that state that pixel codes cannot be shared with/assigned to, ad accounts owned by individuals. Hence the need for the receiving ad account to also be managed from a business account from business.facebook.com Once you have completed the above steps, then the new ad account should now have the old existing pixel code assigned to it, so that data can be used to create custom audiences etc.

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